A downloadable game for Windows

Requires XNA, the redistributable is included in the zip, it must be installed.

Made for Insanity Jam 3 in only seven days (Insanity Game Jam 1st place!!)

Programming, Text: Anotak
Art: Zeipher
Music: The Initiar Lifestyle

Random Game Idea: A game where you struggle against work.
Random Game Seed: 2757281822
Qualifiers: Genre Removed
Title: Captain Taco's
Description: We decided to create a game somewhat like the food minigame in "Misadventures of Tron Bonne" to follow the "struggling against work" theme.
In that game, you just press a button to serve the right food to the customers, but in our game you have to go through a sequence to serve it.
The actual struggle comes about with the random demonic possessions of the fryers. We wanted to make more crazy stuff happen but decided against it due to time constraints.
Genre: Simulation


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